En un instante desmadrador.

El lugar donde todos los sacrosantos Monjes Shaolin van a divagar sobre su estado de desmadradés.
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‘Wake Up’ by Cornerstone Roots
I know this song from long ago… It’s amazing. The rythm, the voice, the lyrics, everything in the song is great. I don’t know why is so unknown, It doesn’t even have a lyrics page on the web, at least I didn’t find one. Listen, enjoy it, fall in love with it and share it.

‘Riptide’ by Vance Joy
You were so afraid of doing things, afraid of give second chances. What if the girl you love don’t love you back? nor even is willing to try to love you, what if she’ll never going to love you like you love her. Maybe you have not the ability to fall in love again… but you are a grown up man, and you are not afraid no more. So let’s fall in love. I love this song.


In Houston, FotoFest offers a lens on the Arab world

HOUSTON — Lana Kesbeh, a 23-year-old nursing student, admired a photograph of a young man in hot pink shades, velvet slippers and a vibrantly patterned suit sitting on a colorful box before an equally eccentric background of turquoise zigzags. “It’s really hip, it’s really chic, it’s really cool,” she said of the photo, by London-based Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj.

That portrait, “Joe Casely-Hayford,” is one of hundreds of images on display as part of the biennial FotoFest, the oldest and largest photography exhibit in the United States. This year’s exhibition, “View From Inside,” showcases works by Arab artists from the Middle East and North Africa that explore, along with lighter topics, religion and faith, the status of women, social and environmental change and recent political events, including the Arab Spring. Some in the art world say it is the largest display of contemporary Arab art ever.

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—¿Nos besamos?



—Should we make out


‘Belle nuit, ô nuit d’amour (Barcarolle)’ by Monserrat Caballe & Shirley Verrett
This is a piece from The Tales of Hoffmann, Jacques Offenbach’s final opera, it was written for Offenbach’s Die Rheinnixen. Sadly, Offenbach did not live to see his opera performed. Someone creates something amazing but don’t lives to see it working. C’est la vie. So good to be alive to hear this song.

(Fuente: moeysphotography)

‘So Beautiful’ by Simply Red
Have you ever known a girl who is espectacular but you have to do all the conversation? And finally after hours trying to get the best of her, when you realise that her beauty is no worthy for make such a big effort, you start thinking “what I am doing here?” I love the beginnig, like “I REALLY love it”. The music seems very romantic and at the end, the song speaks nothing but disappointments.


Town —


Town —


I really love these starry illustrations by Hajin Bae.

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